Expertackle is a prominent fishing tackle manufacturer known for our diverse range of products, including various fishing floats, hard and soft lures, spinners, hooks, sinkers, and jig heads. Our factory specializes in the treatment of titanium alloy wire and produces innovative products like titanium spinners, titanium wire popping corks, single-strand titanium leader lines, and unique titanium wire rig for both inshore and offshore fishing. We offer highly competitive and cost-effective goods to the US market for decades, resulting in a distinct market advantage and success for brand operators in the United States.

We are excited to explore a partnership that leverages our strengths and your expertise to create a mutually beneficial collaboration.

What We Offer:

A wide range of well-crafted, competitively priced fishing tackle products.
Innovation-driven product development, including products utilizing our expertise in titanium wire products.
Proven cost-effective manufacturing capabilities that ensure both quality and affordability.
Flexible payment terms, including the option for consignment sales with profit-sharing.

What We Seek in a Partner:

Expertise in brand building and management, marketing, and retail market expansion.
A shared commitment to quality and innovation.
A track record of success and a strong network within the fishing tackle or related industry.
A passion for outdoor and fishing pursuits.

By joining forces with us, you will have the opportunity to tap into our unique strengths, product offerings, and cost-efficient production capabilities to drive growth and success in the fishing tackle market.

If you are interested in exploring a partnership that capitalizes on our combined strengths, we would be delighted to discuss potential collaboration further.

Please send your resume to, looking forward to hearing from you!