• We produce all kinds of PVC and EVA foam fishing floats/popping corks. We provide anything in relation to fishing floats and Popping corks, bodies, bobber stoppers, beads, sinkers, popping beads, steel wire, titanium wire, artificial lures, etc;
  • We supply parts to manufacturers/distributors. It’s not our best interests to deal business with retailers directly;
  • Patent pending titanium wire cork and tensile test video
  • We specialized in the Titanium wire bending technique. The wire can be twisted tight at the same time it still keeps the titanium features.
Titanium Wire Loop Popping Cork
(US Patent Pending)
Fortified Crimp Ti Wire Popping Cork
(US Patent Pending)
1.5 mm Titanum Wire Hold Up to 150 lbs
Cone Corks
Oval Corks
Popper Floats
Carp Floats
Spring and Slip Bobbers
Spring Bobbers