• We are the manufacturer, we produce all kinds of terminal tackles, anything relate to fishing lure, bobber and Popping corks, you name it. Hard bait, soft bait, jig head, spinner, spoon, weight and hooks. We also provide product components, bobber stoppers, beads, line, wire, swivel, Snap-on clip and so on, barely anything you want for fishing.
  • We supply our products and parts to manufacturers/distributors in bulk. For retailers please send email to us for price and MOQ if you are interested in our products.
  • We specialized in the Titanium wire bending technique. The wire can be twisted tight at the same time it still keeps the titanium features. We use this advantage on several “old school” tackles, and made them “revival”. Check our popping corks with titanium shaft wire video below.

Prime Indestructible Titanium Products

Titanium Inline Spinner
Titanium Spinnerbait
Titanium Spinner
Titanium Wire Concave Cork
Titanium Wire Oval Cork
Titanium Cigar Popper